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As you are aware, throughout the context of our website, we have used the terms such as “Orienta Lab”, “we”, “us” or “our”, they refer to us, Orienta Lab.

By accessing our site and/or purchasing any non-fungible token (“NFT”) from us, you agree to be bound by our general terms and conditions (“T&C”) as set out in the following. Our T&C includes some relating to the use of our site, as well as some relating specifically to your rights and obligations as an owner of an AOTAVERSE NFT.

We have the right to renovate, modify or remove any part of our site, which among other things sets out our T&C, without prior written notice to you at any time. Any changes to such terms will take effect from the last updated version referenced on the website. As such, we shall defer to you to check out our latest T&C. Your continued use of this site would mean that our T&C are acceptable to you.


AOTAVERSE is a collection of digital artworks represented by the AOTAVERSE NFTs. AOTAVERSE NFTs are minted and stay on the blockchain network. Just like assets, once you own an AOTAVERSE NFT, you will be responsible for managing them and ensuring their safety. You may do so by storing them in your digital wallets, as well as verifying the website and the transactions before and after your purchase through validations.

We certify that we are the original creator of both AOTAVERSE NFTs and the associated original media such NFT represents (the “Work”). We further certify that at the date of each AOTAVERSE NFT’s creation, we possess all necessary rights to the Work for the purpose of or otherwise in the connection with the issue of the associated NFT and the creation of the licenses and terms explained in our T&C.

Any related services including this website are provided on a “as is” and “as available” basis without any warranty of any kind. Use of this website signifies your acceptance of sole responsibility for all transactions involving AOTAVERSE digital collectibles (NFTs).

By visiting our site, you are representing to us that you have already reached the age of majority in your country or place of residence, and it is legal for you to visit and/or use our site in compliance with all the applicable laws. We hope your presence here is a joyful journey instead of falling into legal troubles.

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